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LOCOM aims to connect small business owners and entrepreneurs with their local communities and new potential customers around South Africa. 
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Dream with a plan

“Dream with a Plan” is your trusted companion, guiding you to come up with the ideal business idea that aligns with your passions and skills, offering practical insights, actionable steps and activities, and real-life success stories to help you turn your business idea into a thriving business.

Unravel the intricacies of market research, craft a compelling business plan, harness the power of branding and marketing, and master the art of sales and customer retention. Gain access to invaluable resources, support networks, and government programs designed to empower budding entrepreneurs.

“Dream with a Plan” is more than a book; it's your key to unlocking the boundless possibilities of entrepreneurship in South Africa. Your adventure begins here.

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Setting up a Personal User Account

To search for and support businesses, sign up for FREE. Refer your trusted entrepreneur to sign up with LOCOM and receive 20% of their sign up fee into your wallet. Receive trusted recommendations from your community when you need it most.

Using your App Wallet

Users can use their wallet to pay for services (subject to business' preference) whilst Businesses can use their wallet to pay for adds and spotlights.

Setting up a Business Account

For a monthly subscription fee of ZAR50 or a yearly subscription of ZAR500, make your business visible to your community and beyond. Place ads to promote your offerings to people in the area or to a wider audience. Place a spotlight on your business so that you don't get lost in the crowd. Transactions and agreements between you and client are all done independently. Your business, your money.

Let's Grow Together

Let's grow our local businesses. Let's grow our local communities. Let's grow all our wallets!

About Us

After working on this project for over a year, it is now LIVE ON BOTH APPLE AND GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Being passionate about social-economic empowerment, it was important to create a product that speaks to Social Entrepreneurship, Communities and encourages the establishment of small businesses. Something that encourages everyone to be ACTIVE players in our society and its livelihood. Hence, LOCOM
i.e. Local Community, Vested Interest.

In the process of making this product we have learned so much and would like to share the following to prospective entrepreneurs or small business owners:
The dream and its potential is more important than first time perfection.
The journey is much longer than you can ever imagine or plan, but you must decide whether it's worth it.
Things are ever changing, so stop planning so much and just do!
And most importantly,
You can do anything that you set your mind to... It really isn't impossible. Its all about being resourceful and resilient.

We ask that you download our App and tell us what you think. If you see the value in our product, please share with your family and friends.


Let's grow our local businesses. Let's grow our local communities. Let's grow all our wallets!

The use of your location:

Everything you see and interact with on the app is based on your phone's current location. Users are able to view questions and referrals posted by people within a 5km radius.

How referrals work:

Users can make a referral either by answering a question or by using the referral tab. All referrals have a 48hrs period to be accepted by the business before it expires. If business accept the referral, they are required to use the referral code to sign up to LOCOM. When business become a paying subscriber after its 1 month trial period, user will receive 20% of that business' subscription fee.

Advertisements and Spotlight:

Businesses can post advertisements in the form of a photo or video file. All files should be landscape rotation and within a 5Mb file size for optimum placement.

Businesses can place a spotlight on their business to make it visible on the top banner of the home page.

Both Advertisements and Spotlights are on a 30 day purchase cycle and payment can be made via wallet or card.

Wallets and Paying for a services:

User wallets receive money for each successful referral. While any money in a business account wallet can be used to pay for the placement of ads and spotlights.

Businesses mandate their payment terms. LOCOM does not facilitate any contracts and or payment terms.

If a business is in agreement to receive compensation from a user for services by means of wallet transfer, a user may then pay business from his personal wallet. Any transaction made from a user wallet to a business wallet is followed by business approving or rejecting the transaction on app.

Are the Service Providers/Businesses vetted:


LOCOM provides a platform for services and businesses to become visible to their communities. We do not vet users or businesses before or when they join the App. It is the responsibility of the users to do due diligence before exchanging any personal information with anyone on the app.

Deleting My Account:

Once you have deleted your business account within the 1 month trial period, or any time thereafter, you can rejoin but will need to sign up as a paying subscriber immediately.

Helpful Videos

Visit our YouTube channel for more informative videos about how it works and for help getting you started.
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Our Mission

Let's grow our local businesses. Let's grow our local communities. Let's grow all our wallets!
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